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OMG this is the cutest video I have ever seen! Tom Fletcher a British Youtube musician created what may be the sweetest video to hit to internet (at least for the moment)!

   The youtuber wrote this song original song for his son and wife over her nine month pregnancy. I mean I’m sure if every guy did this it would make the nine months of discomfort not so bad (you know besides the whole having a bundle of joy thing too.) Fletcher wrote and performed his original song Something New. The editing is amazing and well this video take the pregnancy photo trend to a new level!

   Watch it with caution your heart will melt!

My Song Monday- Guys this is my song, y’all! I heard this song on the radio after a long day at school and I instantly turned it up. Hot Chelle Rae has always made songs that caused me to have jam session all by my lonesome in the car, so when I found out it was them I was not surprised how much I liked it (thank you Shazaam!) Don’t Say Goodnight is my new jam by Hot Chelle Rae.

   I mean this song is not only the kind of song that makes you feel super cool while driving on a sunny day, with the windows down, and your favorite sun glasses on. It is one of those songs that make you feel young, wild, and free (excuse the Snoop Dogg reference) not like Y.O.L.O, but like this is the best weekend ever kind of free. Hot Chelle Rae seems to do that with their hits like Tonight Tonight and Honestly. 

P.S they are doing a video with O2L’s own Ricky Dillion next week so check out his channel by clicking his name!

(Source: Spotify)

Something You Didn’t Know Yesterday

Today is Pancake Day! So if you have not gotten out to Ihop yet it is not too late. Go out and get your free stack of pancakes, but PLEASE do not forget to donate!! The entire point of free pancake day is to collect donations for the Children’s Miracle Network! Still a few hours left in the day go, let them eat pancakes!!!

That was something you didn’t know yesterday :)

'Tubing Tuesday- These two British Youtuber’s make have the sibling relationship we all want. YouTubers Zoe, Zoella, and Joe Sugg,Thatcher Joe, seem to have a great, playful brother sister relationship. In this video Joe brings his next victim to the Shock Ball Challenge, which is when the two of them answer trivia questions while tossing a ball that shocks you.

   Now Zoe is normally quite poise and lady like in her videos, but in this video we got to see another more playful side of her. This video made me laugh so very much that I had to pause the video just to laugh. These two know how to make a video, I love all of their collab video!

Take a look and laugh!

Something You Didn’t Know Yesterday…


So Glee’s own Lea Michele just released her first solo album called Louder! We all know Lea to be one of the stars of the Fox mega hit high school television show Glee as Rachel Berry. After the year she had last year Lea did just what any good artist would do, she poured her heart out into a songs. Not just one song, but an entire album! I guess all of those solos Rachel used to get in the McKinley High choir room, finally paid off.

And that’s what you missed on Glee! (sorry a little gleek humor there)

That was something you didn’t know yesterday :)

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